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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Bosley to remain closed

The Canal and River Trust has announced that the Bosley lock flight on the Macclesfield Canal is to remain closed until at least the end of October, possibly later if there is no significant and prolonged rainfall over the coming weeks.

The canal's reservoir holdings are still extremely low. At least 5 weeks of prolonged rainfall would be required before the locks can be re-opened for navigation.

The Bosley flight is padlocked closed and the gates have been ashed up to reduce leakage. To prevent unauthorised use, measures have been taken to make the locks inoperable.

Whilst the canal has been closed CRT has been taking advantage of the closure to carry out work to remedy issues on the locks, including leakage repairs on the gates. Gate replacement has been carried out at lock 5 and wash wall repairs between locks 5 and 6. CRT is bringing forward the winter works planned for Locks 3, 5 and 6, with this work taking place during September while the lock flight remains closed.

An update will be issued at the end of September.

Lock 2 at Bosley

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