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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Marple Locks Re-opening Delayed Further

A set-back to the work to re-build Lock 15 at Marple has led to the re-opening date being put back once again. The lock flight is now expected to re-open on May 25th.

The lock flight on the Peak Forest Canal has been closed since September due to serious subsidence at Lock 15, resulting in a narrowing of the lock chamber. As one side of the lock chamber was taken down to be reconstructed a series of unexpected problems arose.

The original completion date in March had to be put back when it was founds that stonework removed from the chamber wall was splitting and crumbling so that new stones had to be quarried.

It has now been discovered that the brick foundations of the chamber wall were in poor condition so that it would not be possible to construct the masonry wall on top. The brickwork had to be taken down to the invert to get a firm foundation.

The expected opening date of May 4th is no longer achievable and a revised schedule should see the navigation reopening on 25th May.

Thanks to Peter Stockdale for the following photographs.
Lock 15 as work starts on the re-building of the nearside chamber wall. Photo: Peter Stockdale
Newly-quarried stone arrives for the new chamber wall. Photo: Peter Stockdale
Photo: Peter Stockdale

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