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Saturday, 20 October 2018

Wigan Locks to re-open

Wigan lock flight (Locks 65 to 85) on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal will be open to navigation again from Tuesday 23rd October.

The lock flight was closed in July, along with many of the other lock flights on the canal, because of the seriously low water levels in the reservoirs following a prolonged dry spell. The other lock flights were re-opened by the end of September. However the Canal and River Trust had taken the opportunity to move forward some of the maintenance work scheduled for the coming winter. As the reservoir levels had improved faster than expected, the repairs on the Wigan flight had not yet been completed. Work will be carried out over the weekend to speed up the re-opening and repairs are expected to be completed by 4.00 pm on Monday 22nd October ready for boat passages to start again the following morning.

Bringing the repairs forward means that Wigan lock flight will not be closed for repairs over the winter months. However, boaters should note that the canal will be closed at Burnley from 12th November until March.

Wigan Top Lock, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

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  1. With the long stoppage across the majority of the LeedsLiverpool Canal over the summer, it's unfathomable why CRT didn't synchronize the closures and repairs. Boaters from this stretch of the canal system have been penalised enough this year. Perhaps we will get a hefty discount for the inconvenience caused?!


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