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Friday, 23 October 2009

Tinsley Locks to re-open

Tinsley Locks on the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation are to re-open after a month-long closure.

British Waterways has announced that water levels are now sufficient for some managed use of the locks to resume. Boats that have been waiting to pass through the locks will be assisted through by BW staff over the weekend.

Water levels will be checked again on Monday and, if levels are sufficient, normal passage will then resume.

The stoppage began a month ago, with a problem with the pumping system that feeds the summit level from the river, and a loss of water from the summit level between Tinsley and Sheffield. As a result, Tinsley Locks were closed on 24th September.

There had been a series of delays while BW had difficulty sourcing the parts to repair the pump. Then, apparently, the wrong parts were delivered, causing a further delay.

Then a culvert was found to have collapsed, reducing the flow into the Sheffield level. BW hopes that the problems have now finally been fixed!

Tinsley Locks

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