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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Marsden stoppage after boat 'stuck'

There is a stoppage on the Marsden flight of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal after a boat became 'stuck' in Lock 41e just east of Marsden Station. This will affect boats booked for passage through Standedge Tunnel.

The nature of the incident has not been made known so it is unclear how long the stoppage might be expected to last.

Update Thursday 15th May, 8:00 pm:
Local information is that the boat has now been freed and the locks re-opened.
It is reported that the boat met the Standedge Tunnel width requirements and successfully passed through the tunnel without problem. It then became stuck in Lock 41e for a while and then later in Lock 32e.
Note: Some locks (e.g. 21w, 22w, 41e, 32e) are narrower than others or may have a slight banana-shape. Certain boats may, due to their length or profile, encounter problems with some of these locks. Most boats pass through these locks with no difficulty, however.

Lock 41e, Marsden

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