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Monday 15 April 2013

Diggle flight re-opens

The repairs to Lock 32w of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal have been completed and the Diggle lock flight has been re-opened to navigation.

The stoppage began following the discovery of a split in the heel post on the tail gate of Lock 32w at Diggle. The Diggle locks have single tail gates which are heavy, putting more strain on the split post. The gate would not close completely making it difficult to fill the lock. The gate would also have been likely to fail completely if attempts had been made to use it.

The gate was removed and taken to the CRT's workshop for repairs, a process that took longer than it should because of land access issues involved with getting a crane to the site. Bookings for boats to pass through Standedge Tunnel have been suspended for several weeks. Boaters due to travel through the tunnel will be contacted to re-schedule their passage.

Lock 32w at Diggle, fenced off to allow draining.

The single tail gate with its split heel post will not close completely.

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