Pennine Waterways News

Thursday 24 September 2009

Pump Problem Affects Tinsley Locks

It was reported that there is an emergency stoppage at Tinsley Locks on the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation.

This has now been confirmed by British Waterways. The problem is with the pumping system that feeds the summit level from the river, and a loss of water from the summit level between Tinsley and Sheffield, resulting in the closure of Tinsley Locks.

It may be several days before navigation can be restored. Information will be posted here as soon as it is known.

Any enquiries regarding this stoppage should be made to BW on 0113 281 6860.

The navigation is still closed. BW will issue a further update on Wednesday 30th September.

Tinsley Locks

Friday 4 September 2009

Leak Shuts Huddersfield Canal

A leak, described as "serious", has shut the Huddersfield Narrow Canal near Lock 14e, between Slaithwaite and Milnsbridge.

The canal bank has not actually breached and there is no visible damage to the canal, but the serious leak developed on Tuesday night, with water escaping from just above the lock into the nearby Ramsden Mill. An employee of Trojan Plastics said that it sounded like a waterfall and that at one point there was around two feet of water inside the building.

British Waterways staff have drained the lock and the pound above it, to prevent any more water escaping. They will need to remain drained until repairs can be carried out. It is thought that this means the canal will be closed here for the rest of the season.

Boats approaching from Huddersfield will need to turn back below Lock 9e in Milnsbridge. Boats booked to pass through Standedge Tunnel from the west are being turned back below Lock 24w at Dobcross. Boats currently at Slaithwaite or Marsden will need to go through Standedge Tunnel to leave the canal.

Any enquiries regarding this stoppage should be made to BW on 0113 281 6860.

Lock 14e, Huddersfield Narrow Canal
There have been ongoing problems with water leaking into the mill from the lock if boaters leave the lock filled. The lock side has been grouted but the problems were re-appearing. The serious leak that occured this week was believed to be not from the lock itself, as it continued after the lock was emptied, but from above the lock. There is no visible sign of damage and it is thought that water may have seeped through stonework and created a cavity.

Tail gates chained open to keep lock empty.