Pennine Waterways News

Friday 5 September 2014

Boat sinks twice on Huddersfield

One boater had more than his share of misfortune on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal this week when his boat sank not once but twice.

On Thursday the boat was descending Lock 23w at Dobcross when the stern became caught on the cill. Although the boater tried to take steps to remedy the situation, the boat sank. Canal and River Trust staff helped to refloat the boat and move it out of the lock.

On Friday the boater returned to the vessel with the intention of moving it through one more lock to a place where he could more easily deal with the mess inside the boat. Unfortunately the boat still had a great deal of water inside and was low in the water. When the boat reached lock 22w near Uppermill it began sinking again, this time due to taking on water.

A team from River and Canal Rescue attended the boat this afternoon to refloat it again. The boater was clearly upset by his disastrous journey but expressed relief that nobody had been hurt.

Boat on the bottom of Lock 22w