Pennine Waterways News

Friday 26 November 2010

Barton Aqueduct out of action

The Bridgewater Canal is currently closed to navigation at Barton Swing Aqueduct. It seems that a hydraulic failure is preventing the aqueduct being swung.

It is understood that the broken pipe will not be repaired until at least (Monday 29th November).

If you need the latest information about this stoppage contact the Bridgewater Canal Company on 0161 629 8266.

Bridgwater Canal Company says:
"A pressure valve has burst resulting in Barton Aqueduct being unable to swing. Unfortunately we are unable to obtain a specialist replacement part until Monday the 29th November 2010.
"Pleasure craft owners waiting to cross the Aqueduct North to South are advised to moor at Boothstown or Worsley. Pleasure craft owners waiting to cross the Aqueduct South to North are advised to moor at Castlefield or the Kings Ransom in Sale.
"Further information will be released at lunchtime on Monday 29th November 2010."

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Emergency repairs at Poolstock

As reported yesterday, British Waterways were unable to re-open the canal through Poolstock in Wigan at the weekend because it was found that emergency repairs needed to be carried out to the wash wall above Poolstock Locks on the Leigh Branch.

Unfortunately, as the de-watered pound is the pound that includes the junction with the main line of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Wigan lock flight also had to remain closed, preventing any boat movements through Wigan.

The photo of the work being carried out (below) was kindly sent by Stephen Fahey.

Photo: Stephen Fahey

Some local boaters have commented that the wash wall has been collapsed and cordoned off for a while, and wondered why the repair couldn't have been carried out at the same time as the nearby lock repair, which closed the canal for two weeks.

BW is going to issue an update regarding the stoppage on Friday 26th November.

Two boating friends have been given publicity in the media this week after claiming that they have been "marooned" above Wigan Locks for more than 3 weeks, which seems like exaggeration, since the Wigan stoppage only began on 8th November. It appears that the couple, who are heading home to London, only checked the initial stoppage list issued by BW in the Summer, and did not know about later additions to that programme. [News report]

The latest stoppage information for canals in the Pennine Waterways area is shown on this page.

Update, 29th November:
The repairs have been completed and the canal has now re-opened to navigation.

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Problem extends Wigan stoppage

It had been hoped that the Wigan lock flight on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, and the Poolstock locks on the Leigh Branch would have re-opened on Saturday after two-week stoppages to repair locks.

However additional problems have come to light, making it necessary for the stoppages to continue. Emergency investigation and repair works were required on the towpath and wash wall on the Leigh Branch between Poolstock Locks and the junction with the main canal. The pound has been de-watered, including the junction. This means that navigation is not possible either through Poolstock locks or down the main Wigan lock flight.

British Waterways will issue a further update on Friday 26th November.

For any enquiries about this stoppage contact British Waterways on 01942 405700.

Update, 29th November:
The repairs have been completed and the canal has now re-opened to navigation.

Wigan Junction

Thursday 4 November 2010

Additional lock stoppages on Leeds and Liverpool

British Waterways has announced a number of additional stoppages on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal to carry out lock repairs. These will all start on Monday 8th November and could last around 2 weeks, although an end date has not been specified.

Locks affected are:
Lock 2 (Office Lock) and Lock 4 (Oddy Locks), Leeds
Lock 91, Appley Bridge (west of Wigan)
Lock 75, Wigan flight
Lock 1, Leigh Branch, Poolstock (Wigan)

These are in addition to the addition stoppages for bridge repairs announced last week.

The list of Winter Stoppages in the area covered by Pennine Waterways website will be updated each time new information is received.

Looking towards Lock 75, Wigan

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Two Day Stoppage on Rochdale Nine in Manchester

The Rochdale Nine locks through the centre of Manchester will be closed for two days this week to enable paddles to be replaced.

The work will take place between 8.00 am on Wednesday 3rd November and 1.00 pm on Thursday 4th November 2010. During this period the canal will be closed to navigation along the whole of the "Rochdale Nine" section between Locks 84 and 92.

The stoppage is needed to replace paddles at Lock 86. The existing paddles are passing an excessive volume of water, making the lock difficult to operate. BW says that changing the paddles will stop the leaks and make the lock easier to operate.

During the stoppage, boats awaiting passage should moor at Piccadilly Basin above Lock 84 or in Castlefield on the Bridgewater Canal.

This stoppage will affect boaters navigating the Cheshire Ring. Enquiries about this stoppage should be made to BW on 01782 785703.

Lock 86, Rochdale Canal