Pennine Waterways News

Thursday 1 February 2018

Date given for Marple re-opening

The Canal and River Trust has announced that it aims to re-open Marple Locks by 29th March.

The lock flight on the Peak Forest Canal has been closed since September due to serious subsidence at Lock 15, resulting in a narrowing of the lock chamber. There was movement of the lock wall, with a risk of collapse.

The work is complex, with the need to dig boreholes to assess the nature of the work needed. The job has been further complicated by the confined space in which to carry out the work and the need to follow procedures for working on a Heritage Grade II Listed structure.

The confined space in which work at Lock 15 is being carried out. Photo: Ian McCarthy

The lock gates have been removed and the chamber filled with stone to stabilise the wall while the ground behind is excavated. A retaining wall will be constructed and the lock wall rebuilt. The retaining wall will eventually be out of sight within the structure.

The anticipated re-opening date of 29th March is later than originally hoped, but in time for the Easter weekend. (See update below.)

With fabric to protect the stones, the lock chamber has been filled with stone to stabilise the wall.Photo: Ian McCarthy.

While the Marple locks are closed, CRT is taking the opportunity to carry out a number of other repairs to the locks and bank, and the controversial safety work at Marple Aqueduct.

Update 1st March:
CRT will not now be able to meet their anticipated opening date of 29th March, but now hope to re-open the lock flight in time for May Day Bank Holiday on 4th May.

Thanks to Ian McCarthy for the photographs and additional information.