Pennine Waterways News

Saturday 21 May 2016

Stoppages on Macclesfield and Peak Forest

The Upper Peak Forest Canal has been isolated by two unrelated stoppages at Bollington and Marople.

The Macclesfield Canal is shut at Bollington Aqueduct, where a section has been drained to investigate a serious leak. Water has been escaping through holes on the canal bed outside Clarence Mill, under the embankment and flooding the nearby recreation ground.

The Canal and River Trust intend the fill the holes with hardcore and a layer of puddle clay as a temporary repair which they hope will enable the canal to reopen in a week.

The stoppage and emergency repair are needed to prevent the leak developing into a major breach.

The leaks have been repaired and the canal is now open.

The holes outside Clarence Mill, Bollington. Photo: Coalboat Alton

In a separate stoppage, Marple Locks have been closed because of a gate failure at Lock 12.

These stoppages will affect boaters intending to navigate the Cheshire Ring.

Update Monday 23rd May:
The repairs to Lock12 have been completed and Marple Locks have re-opened to navigation.

Update Tuesday 24th May:
Inspection of the site at Bollington showed that the problems are worse than expected with more extensive repairs being needed. The canal is expected to remain closed at Bollington for a couple of weeks. The towpath will also be closed.