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Thursday 4 November 2010

Additional lock stoppages on Leeds and Liverpool

British Waterways has announced a number of additional stoppages on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal to carry out lock repairs. These will all start on Monday 8th November and could last around 2 weeks, although an end date has not been specified.

Locks affected are:
Lock 2 (Office Lock) and Lock 4 (Oddy Locks), Leeds
Lock 91, Appley Bridge (west of Wigan)
Lock 75, Wigan flight
Lock 1, Leigh Branch, Poolstock (Wigan)

These are in addition to the addition stoppages for bridge repairs announced last week.

The list of Winter Stoppages in the area covered by Pennine Waterways website will be updated each time new information is received.

Looking towards Lock 75, Wigan

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  1. The nice part about Canals is that they don't get pot holes.


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