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Friday 26 November 2010

Barton Aqueduct out of action

The Bridgewater Canal is currently closed to navigation at Barton Swing Aqueduct. It seems that a hydraulic failure is preventing the aqueduct being swung.

It is understood that the broken pipe will not be repaired until at least (Monday 29th November).

If you need the latest information about this stoppage contact the Bridgewater Canal Company on 0161 629 8266.

Bridgwater Canal Company says:
"A pressure valve has burst resulting in Barton Aqueduct being unable to swing. Unfortunately we are unable to obtain a specialist replacement part until Monday the 29th November 2010.
"Pleasure craft owners waiting to cross the Aqueduct North to South are advised to moor at Boothstown or Worsley. Pleasure craft owners waiting to cross the Aqueduct South to North are advised to moor at Castlefield or the Kings Ransom in Sale.
"Further information will be released at lunchtime on Monday 29th November 2010."


  1. Sorry Martin - but the blurb on the homepage is incorrect for this.


  2. Thanks for spotting that, Pete.

    I hadn't saved the page changes properly before I uploaded it.


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