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Friday, 19 September 2008

First boats back on Manchester Bolton and Bury Canal!

The first boats entered the newly restored section of the Manchester Bolton and Bury Canal in Salford today.

Boats gathered on the River Irwell to enter the new Margaret Fletcher Tunnel leading to the new lock.

The lock has a fall of around 4m (16 ft), depending on the river level. It replaces the original Locks 1 and 2, which formed a staircase. These had to be replaced by a tunnel under the Relief Road and the new lock to the west of the railway.

After the first boat, the Prince William, rose in the lock, speeches were made and a plaque was unveiled.

Photos, above: The first boat entering the Margaret Fletcher Tunnel. Below: Boats above the new lock.

More photos of the event and of the new canal sections in water are now here.

New photos of the canal in water between the River Irwell and Oldfield Road are now here.

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