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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Extension to Liverpool for Bridgewater licence holders

British Waterways has agreed to extend its arrangement with the Manchester Ship Canal Company to allow pleasure craft displaying a valid Bridgewater Canal licence to travel through to Liverpool.

This extension is for a limited period of time, from 1st January 2009 until 31st December 2013. This means that when the Liverpool Canal Link opens in Spring 2009, Bridgewater licence holders will be able to travel along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal beyond Burscough and to use the Liverpool Canal Link through to the Albert Dock.

Currently, Bridgewater licence holders can travel for a period of seven days free of charge along the Leigh Branch and from Wigan to Burscough and from Wigan to the bottom of Blackburn Locks. In a reciprocal agreement, BW licence holders can use the Bridgewater Canal free of charge for up to seven days.

This arrangement is hoped to increase the number of boats expected to travel along the under-used western end of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and onto the new Canal Link through to the southern docks. Some improvements have been made to the section of canal between Litherland and Liverpool but long-term improvement can only come from increased use, so that boats become a regular sight.

The present destination of Eldonian Village, while being an attractive location, has not been a sufficient draw to bring large numbers of boats along the western end of the canal. The exciting new route through the central docks and across the vibrant Pier Head area to the new destination of Salthouse and Albert Docks has already caught the imaginations of boat owners and is expected to attract a lot more boats to journey along the canal to Liverpool.

The new agreement between British Waterways and the Manchester Ship Canal Company was reached following a request by a boater on the Bridgewater Canal and will allow Bridgewater licence holders to cruise to Liverpool without additional charge.

The section of the new Canal Link through the Pier Head in Liverpool was filled with water recently and the public has been allowed back onto this part of the Pier Head. This has met with wide approval, with Liverpudlians keen to see the Link fully opened and boats coming through.

The latest photos of the Canal Link can be seen here.

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