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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Hold-up on Rochdale Nine

An emergency stoppage has been announced today on the "Rochdale Nine" locks through the centre of Manchester.

This is because a cill has been damaged at Lock 88 (Oxford Street Lock).

The wooden cill blocks form a watertight seal when the gates are closed. It is possible that one of the cill blocks has been struck by a boat entering or leaving the lock while the level of the pound was too low. If the cill block is damaged or dislodged, there is no watertight seal and it becomes very difficult to fill (or empty) the lock.

For the latest information about this stoppage, contact BW on 01942 405 700.

Update 18th May:
Repairs have been carried out and the stoppage has now been lifted.

Lock 88 on the Rochdale Canal.

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