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Tuesday 16 February 2010

Rochdale Nine Stoppage Extended

The present stoppage on the Rochdale Nine locks in Manchester is to be extended by two weeks.

The stoppage for the installation of lock ladders was delayed by poor weather in January. It was scheduled to end on 12th March but will not now be completed until 26th March.

This is a further blow to boaters who had wanted to start moving earlier in March, as stoppages on many of the other canals in the region have also been extended to 26th January.

Tunnel Lock on the Rochdale Nine in Manchester


  1. wonder if it will be open early?biting at the bit here to get up their

  2. I walked down the Rochdale 9 this morning. All 9 ladders are fitted. Just some clearing up needed around Tib Lock (89). The gates at Dale Street (84) are still padlocked.


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