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Thursday 10 June 2010

Mooring Restrictions at Castlefield

Boaters visiting Manchester during the next month need to be aware that some of the mooring spaces in Castlefield will be out of use.

Between 7th Jane and 12th July boats will not be allowed to moor along the Staffordshire Arm, which is the arm leading from the bottom of the Rochdale Canal to the Museum of Science and Industry.

Alternative mooring can be had along the main Castlefield Basin (Coal Wharf) subject to space being available.

The arena area alongside the Staffordshire Arm is to be used for screening World Cup Football. Admittance to the big screen area is by ticket only.

Boaters requiring further information about this restriction should contact the Bridgewater Canal Company on 0161 629 8266.

Staffordshire Arm at Castlefield

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