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Friday 30 July 2010

Keadby Bridge Stoppage

There is a stoppage on the Stainforth and Keadby Canal at Keadby Bridge.

The wedges at Keadby Swing Bridge have failed, making the bridge inoperable. The bridge is adjacent to Keadby Lock onto the tidal River Trent and the stoppage means that boats will be unable to enter or leave the River Trent at Keadby.

This road bridge is owned by Lincolnshire County Council and British Waterways is waiting for an indication from them as to when the bridge will be repaired.

Boaters wishing to travel through Keadby should call Freephone Canals on 0800 4799947 for the latest updates.

Update: 2nd August
North Lincolnshire Council are awaiting parts in order to begin repair work. They are hoping works will be completed by Thursday 5th August.

Council staff are operating the bridge once a day depending on the tide times at Keadby. Please contact the Lock Keeper for further details if you wish to book passage through, on 07733 124611.


  1. Where will we be able to go on our holidays, there seem to be no routes in the north left at this rate.

  2. The Huddersfield Narrow is still open, and being topped up with rain as I type! :)

  3. Hi Martin

    I am unable to trace a reply to my news items

    Has it gone astray or are you still thinking about it ?



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