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Friday 20 August 2010

Better Outlook for Rochdale Canal

The outlook for boaters wanting to use the Rochdale Canal is looking even better this week after British Waterways announced a further relaxation of the restrictions that have been in place.

Coinciding with the lifting of a hose-pipe ban in the area, BW is now taking bookings for passage over the Summit until the end of September.

The current restriction of just 2 boats a day in each direction will be lifted next Wednesday, 25th August. For a week from then until Tuesday 31st August, 6 boats a day in each direction will be allowed.

Then from Wednesday 1st September until the end of September, bookings will be taken for 4 boats a day in each direction. BW will review the situation during that time to see if this figure can be increased. BW points out that these arrangements are subject to sufficient water continuing to be available.

BW thanks its customers for customers for their patience during what it acknowledges has been a very difficult time operationally.

Boaters wishing to book a passage across the Summit or between Failsworth and Manchester should contact BW on 01782 785703.

Rochdale Canal at Warland

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