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Saturday 11 September 2010

New Manager for BW North East

British Waterways has appointed a new manager for its North East area based at Leeds.

Jon Horsfall, 39, comes to BW after a successful 20 years at United Utilities. Trained as a chemist, Jon's experience includes operations management, commercial activities, capital investment, water quality, safety and efficiency.

"BW is a custodian of one of the most important network of heritage structures in the country," said Jon. "Since my arrival I've been blown away by the passion and enthusiasm of my new team.

Jon is looking forward to the challenges ahead. "It's an exciting time to join the organisation as we work towards making the move to the third sector and all the challenges this will bring," he said. "My priorities are safety, customer service and increased efficiency and I'm looking forward to meeting our customers as I get to know the patch better in the coming months."

Jon Horsfall


  1. From his 'brief bio', we find no history of working on the canals, no history of boating,
    No hope for us boaters, then!
    Dreadful mis-management as BW continue in their efforts to evade 'the natives'!
    And he gets of to a flying start, by describing subordinates as 'his' team!
    This man'll mend few leaks, I'll wager!
    Join BW for a spectacular career where all those who got to the top, started with 5 years at the bottom!
    That'll be the day!

  2. Here here Smudge I totaly agree, boaters will be last on the list of priorities, but first to pay.

  3. Yet another corporate CV box ticker who nows nothing about the waterways and probably cares less!

  4. OOpps fat fingers syndrome! should read Knows nothing and cares Less!

  5. Reece B ................ who does this man think he is !?! probably has no consideration for anyone else


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