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Tuesday 5 October 2010

Bridge Stoppage near Leeds

British Waterways has warned that there is currently a stoppage on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Rodley, between Leeds and Shipley.

The stoppage is to allow repairs to be carried out to Moss Swing Bridge (Bridge 118), half a mile east of Rodley. The bridge is owned by Yorkshire Water and British Waterways is working closely with Yorkshire Water to ensure this stoppage is kept to a minimum.

The stoppage takes effect from today (5th October). British Waterways will issue an update on 12th October. Enquiries about this stoppage should be made to BW on 01942 405700.

This stoppage comes as a further blow to hire boat companies and other users of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal who have been badly hit this year by the two-month closure of the 60 miles between Gargrave and Wigan.

(6th October: This item has been amended following a correction from BW who had originally stated that the bridge belonged to United Utilities.)

Update: 11th October: The repairs have been completed and the bridge has now re-opened to navigation.

Update: 4th November: Further work is to be carried out on this bridge. Between Mon 8th Nov and Thurs 11th Nov this bridge will be closed to navigation between 5.00 pm and 11.00 pm.

Moss Swing Bridge, Rodley

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