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Monday 15 August 2011

Huddersfield Stoppage as boat sinks

Boaters on the western half of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal face possible delays after a boat sank in Lock 9w near Black Rock, Millbrook.

British Waterways, whose local maintenance depot is only half a mile from the lock, are draining the pounds above and below the lock in order to recover the boat. The pound below is half a mile in length so re-filling the pounds afterwards will take a little time.

Boaters are asked to moor above Lock 10w at Scout Embankment or below Lock 7w in Stalybridge town centre and await instructions from BW staff. It is expected that the pounds could re-open around 12.00 noon on Tuesday 16th August.

The boat has been re-floated and BW staff have begun re-filling  the pounds. The canal could be passable again some time on Tuesday morning, as long as the cill has not been damaged.

See photos of the stricken boat and the recovery operation.

nb Dizzy stuck in Lock 9W

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