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Thursday 6 October 2011

Name for New Waterways Charity announced

The new Canal and River Trust logo

It has been announced today that the name of the New Waterways Charity will be "Canal and River Trust". The announcement comes from the transition trustees. In Wales the Trust will be known as "Glandwr Cymru". The trust will take over the waterways of British Waterways in April 2012 and those of the Environment Agency at a later date.

In a statement, the trustees say: "The decision has been taken following extensive public and internal consultation and market research into the replacement for the name and symbol of “British Waterways.” They reflect the important step the Government is taking in creating a new successor organisation to hold the waterways in trust for the nation in perpetuity. The change also offers an opportunity to attract the attention of, and to appeal to, the wider public."

The design agency Pentagram, who created the British Waterways symbol in the 1980s, provided free design consultancy to develop the new national charity‟s name, symbol and imagery.

While many will welcome this news as a step towards building a positive public image for the new charity, it will disappoint those who are worried at the cost of replacing all the existing BW signage at a time when the government will be giving the charity each year one sixth of the amount it is prepared to spend on ensuring weekly bin collection.

The name chosen may be confusing for many people, as the charity will not have responsibility for the vast majority of rivers, with only a small number of navigable rivers being included in its portfolio comprising mostly canals.

This is a genuine news item,unlike this story which appeared on 1st April this year.


  1. The weekly bin collection ensures that trackers don't wheel their bins to the canal edge and empty them in there because of the smell.

  2. LOL Ashtonian. I remember the other story they posted which was bunk.


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