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Sunday 29 April 2012

Trees block Upper Peak Forest Canal

The Upper Peak Forest Canal is currently closed about a mile south of Marple Top Lock. This is because a number of trees have been blown down across the canal near Bridge 21, Rawten Walls Bridge, also known as Plucks Bridge.

BW have said that an update will be issued on Monday 30th April.

With very high winds across the area for most of the day, it is likely that there will be other tree blockages elsewhere.

Update 29th April:
Fallen trees are also blocking the Lower Peak Forest Canal on the Romiley side of Hyde Bank Tunnel and between Bridge 3, Dukinfield and Bridge 4, Newton Hall, near where trees fell at the start of the month.

Update 30th April:
In addition to the fallen trees mentioned above, BW say there is also a tree blocking the Peak Forest Canal at Bridge 38 between Bridgemont and Bugsworth. BW reports that there are 7 trees down near Bridge 21, just south of Marple.

BW say they are endeavouring to remove the trees as soon as possible and a further update will be issued on Tuesday 1st May.

Update 1st May:
BW say that the trees should be removed by the end of 2nd May.

Peak Forest Canal at Rawton Walls Bridge

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  1. martin - Brian McGuigan posted a photo (I think of the same place) this morning ( which shows one of the trees down. Living in the south I am not 100% sure the places are the same but they certainly look as if they are.



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