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Saturday 23 June 2012

Flooding disrupts navigation in Yorkshire

Very heavy rain yesterday in the South Pennines is causing disruption to navigation today.

BW reports that flooding between in the Calder Valley has made the Yorkshire part of the Rochdale Canal unnavigable and boaters are asked to remain moored up until water levels subside.

Although no announcements have been made so far, it is likely that the river sections of the Calder and Hebble Navigation will also be unnavigable, with flood gates closed.

This page will be updated if any further information is received.

Update 23rd June 4.30 pm:
BW says the canal is likely to remain impassable until the middle of the coming week at the earliest.

It is not believed that the flooding has caused any catastrophic damage but there are locations on the canal that are obstructed. BW will issue further updates when they have been able to complete the necessary engineering assessments on Monday.

Update Monday 24th June:
See Monday's news update [click here] for details of the problems left by the floods.

Update, Tuesday 26th June, 9.30 am:
The Calder and Hebble Navigation is now open to navigation again. BW staff are opening the flood gates but it could be several hours before these have all been opened.

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