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Monday, 19 May 2014

Marple Locks Stoppage

Increasing problems at Lock 2 have resulted in a stoppage on the Marple Lock flight, Peak Forest Canal.

The Canal and River Trust report that during the day today, operation of Lock 2 has become increasingly difficult. They suspect that there is a developing problem with the cill that has become critical.

The flight has now been closed to allow an inspection of the cill and repairs as necessary. The water level will be reduced first thing tomorrow (Tuesday) to allow the inspection to take place and an update will be issued as soon as possible.

Boaters wishing to use the locks are asked to wait on the mooring points above and below the lock flight.

Canal and River Trust add that they know it is a busy time and that this closure will cause some frustration, but they are working as quickly as possible to make sure that there is no unnecessary delay in reopening the canal.

The locks are expected to be closed at least until Wednesday 21st May.

Lock 2, Marple.

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