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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Swing Bridge delays at Bingley

Boaters on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal face delays at Bingley because of problems with Micklethwaite Swing Bridge, half a mile upsteam of the Five Rise Locks.

Since 20th August the electrically operated bridge has been manned by Canal and River Trust staff because of technical problems. However, in an updated notice, the bridge has been closed until further notice.

A further update will be issued on Tuesday 26 August 2014.

Update Tuesday 26th August, 5:00 pm:
The bridge remains closed. Contractors will carry out investigations at the bridge tomorrow (27th Aug), after which a further update will be issued.

Update Wednesday 27th August, 5:00 pm:
The bridge remains closed. Work being carried out includes the resolution of hydraulic issues, the replacement of relay bases and the fitting of indicator lamps to prevent users from trying to open the barriers too quickly.

Testing will be completed on Friday 29th August and it is expected that the bridge will re-open to boater operation by Friday afternoon.

Update Friday 29h August, 11.50 am:
Work on the bridge has now been completed and the bridge has re-opened to navigation.

Micklethwaite Swing Bridge

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