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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Emergency closure on Bridgewater Canal

The Bridgewater Canal is to be closed in Manchester between Egerton Street Bridge, Castlefield, and Cornbrook Road Bridge near Pomona Lock.

The canal is to be closed from midday tomorrow (31st July) until further notice.

The stoppage is to enable emergency demolition work next to the canal near Hulme Hall Bridge. The towpath will also be closed.

Part of the Excelsior Works away from the canal collapsed three days ago and it would appear that the whole building, which abuts the towpath, has been declared unsafe and is to be demolished.

This stoppage is on the arm of the Bridgewater Canal between Stretford and Manchester. The rest of the Bridgewater Canal is not affected.

No end date for the closure has been announced yet.

Update Friday 28th August:
From mid-day today (28th Aug) the navigation will be re-opened with a restricted channel. Boater should pass slowly and use the offside of the canal. The towpath remains closed.

The derelict Excelsior Works on the left of the Bridgewater Canal, near Hulme Hall Bridge.


  1. We have just arrived at New Islington Marina, below lock 81 on the Rochdale Canal, originally expecting to pass the 'closure' point on Monday 3rd August. Can anyone give a 'Best Guess'.... Will the closure be in terms of days, weeks or months?

    1. The closure notice just says "until further notice", Cherryl. Someone has told me they have heard 4 weeks. I tried to confirm this with the Bridgewater Canal Company but they have not replied.


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