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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Marple to re-open while work continues

The Canal and River Trust has announced its intention of re-opening Marple Locks on the Peak Forest Canal even before the work on Lock 15 is complete.

The lock flight has been closed for 8 months and has caused difficulties for hire companies and local boaters, so CRT is keen to re-open the locks to navigation as quickly as possible.

All masonry work should be completed this week and next week the lock gates will be installed and scaffolding and temporary dams removed so that boats can pass through from 5.00 pm on Friday 25th May.

However there will remain work to be completed, such as re-laying the gate quadrants and landscaping work, so boaters are asked to follow instructions from the site team while work is taking place.

A recent view of the work at Lock 15.

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