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Monday, 4 June 2018

Marple Locks Closed Again

After been open for just over a week and following an 8-month stoppage, the Marple Lock flight on the Peak Forest Canal has been closed again.

As soon as the lock flight re-opened on 25th May, after a re-build of Lock 15, it became apparent that there was a new problem with Lock 11. Passage through the lock was restricted to times when CRT staff could assist boats through and a 6ft 10in maximum boat width imposed, but a number of boats were nevertheless still getting stuck.

CRT has reluctantly taken the decision to close the lock after more extensive problems were found than had been anticipated.

CRT engineers and project managers have been assessing things today (Monday) and work is ongoing to realign some of the copings by jacking them outwards. CRT will review the situation when this has been completed and decide whether or not to reopen the lock or if a more extensive repair is going to be needed.

CRT have said: "We know that this will be disappointing for people especially with the wait for the other work that that has happened at Marple. We believe that this is a new issue on the flight, not something longstanding. We want to assure everyone that we are doing everything that we can to reopen the lock as quickly as possible."

A further update is expected mid week.

Lock 11 at Marple

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