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Monday 27 April 2020

Marple and Bosley Locks Closure

Marple lock flight on the Peak Forest Canal and Bosley lock flight on the Macclesfield Canal will be closed from lunchtime on Tuesday 28th April 2020 until further notice.

This follows the problems last year with the dam at Toddbrook Reservoir, Whaley Bridge. To allow works to Toddbrook Reservoir to take place, water levels have been kept at a significantly reduced level.

Along with the continued low rainfall this means there is less water available to the Peak Forest / Macclesfield summit level for unrestricted movement through the coming months. With forecasts for further dry weather and Coronavirus related restrictions to movement already in place, the Canal and River Trust has consulted with boating customers and taken the decision to protect water resources further by closing the lock flights from lunchtime on Tuesday 28th April.

Both flights will be padlocked and gates ashed up to reduce leakage. To prevent unauthorised use, locks will be made temporarily inoperable. These closures mean that CRT can reduce the feed to the canals to conserve water so that navigation can remain open for as long as possible for the rest of the year, with a few restrictions.

CRT says it is not clear how long the closures will last for but it is likely to be throughout May and perhaps longer if there is no significant, sustained rainfall.

While the closure will prevent use of the lock flights, cruising between the locks for essential purposes will remain available and the towpaths will be open for the local community to use in line with Government guidance.

CRT requests people to follow all guidance relating to Coronavirus when using the canals and towpaths until further notice. More about Coronavirus restrictions on canals here.

Lock 11 on the Bosley lock flight

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