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Friday 26 March 2021

Skipton swingbridge to be replaced

The Canal and River Trust has announced that it will be replacing the damaged Gawflat Swing Bridge in Skipton in May.

The bridge, which gives residents access to Aireville Park, was damaged last year and became difficult to operate. As the bridge is part of a heavily used footpath which connects the town to the park, the leisure centre, Craven College and Skipton Academy, the Trust was able to keep it working with the help of volunteers who have assisted boaters to open and close the bridge until repairs could be arranged.

The footpath over the bridge will be closed from Monday, May 10th for up to three weeks, when preparation work begins. The old bridge will be removed on Sunday, May 16th, the new bridge installed on Sunday, May 23rd, and work completed by May 28th.

Sean McGinley, CRT's Director for Yorkshire & North East, said: “We know this is an important pedestrian route for Skipton so we have tried to minimise the inconvenience as much as possible. 

Gawflat Swing Bridge, Skipton. Photo © Habiloid via Creative Commons Licence



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  1. Many thanks for the info. and a Happy New Year to Pennine Waterways News.


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