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Thursday, 12 February 2009

BW "Forges" Ahead with Lock Work

British Waterways has been taking advantage of the canals being quieter dring the winter period to carry out essential repairs and improvements to locks along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

The photo (below) shows work being carried out at Forge 3-rise Locks, on the outskirts of Leeds.

New lock gates, made at the British Waterways' Stanley Ferry Workshop, are being fitted, as well as repair work to the floor of the lower lock chamber and replacement of the cills and quoins. The old gates, that have been in operation for 25 years, were taken by barge up the canal to the wharf at Rodley to be recycled. The new gates were then brought back down the canal to be installed.

New gate being lifted into place at Forge Locks. Photo: BW

BW's own staff have carried out the work, apart from an outside contractor being used for lifting the gates. The project will cost £200,000, which includes the cost of constructing a temporary footpath past the work site. The photograph shows how popular the route is with walkers.

Lock repairs, gate replacement and lock ladder installation has been taking place at other locks along the 127 mile long canal, as seen in the Winter Stoppage list.

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