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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Video of Liverpool Canal Link

The structures of Liverpool's new canal link have now been completed and British Waterways are undertaking a period of testing in order to identify any problems so that these can be attended to before boaters are allowed through.

As part of this testing a British Waterways work boat has made a number of passages through the link.

On one of these journeys, a time-lapse video was made by Eddie Barford and Richard Williams. The video has been put onto the Liverpool Daily Post web site and can be viewed by clicking here.

Clicking the "full screen" button, just to the right of centre at the bottom of the video panel, will expand the image to fill your screen. Simply press the Escape key to return to the normal page.

Scene from Liverpool Link Video: Eddie Barford, Richard Williams

New photos of the Liverpool Canal Link will appear on Pennine Waterways web site next week, so please come back for a look!

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