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Monday, 20 April 2009

Liverpool Canal Link opens for business!

Today was the first day of routine operation for the Liverpool Canal Link.

A few weeks ago a convoy of boats passed through the link in a flurry of publicity as part of the official opening of the link. However, there was still some finishing-off to be done before the link could be opened up for daily use.

That daily use started today, with four narrowboats and one wide beamed boat travelling down from Eldonian Village, where they had moored overnight, down the four locks of the Stanley Dock branch, through Stanley, Collinwood and Salisbury Docks, then through Trafalgar, East Waterloo and Princes Dock, through a new lock and tunnel to the much-photographed section across the Pier Head.

The boats then passed through a new lock into Canning Dock, before travelling through the famous Albert Dock to reach the new mooring pontoons in Salthouse Dock.

Up to six boats a day (7 days a week) will travel down into Salthouse Dock. As boats may stay there for up to 14 days, it is expected that the new floating mooring pontoons will fill up, which is one reason for there being a limit of six boats a day.

More information about how the movement of boats into Liverpool will operate can be read here. Anyone wanting to take a boat to Liverpool needs to phone BW in Wigan (01942 405700) to book a date for their passage and to book a mooring space.

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