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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Lower Peak Forest Re-opens

Marple Locks and the Lower Peak Forest Canal are to re-open to navigation today, Tuesday 7th April.

The canal between Dukinfield and Marple has been closed for the last month following an oil pollution incident, which is believed to have originated from a site in Hyde, when an underground storage tank was ruptured.

Although some oil was visible on the surface, much of the heavy lubricating oil has sunk to the canal bed.

British Waterways' staff will continue to monitor the canal during the first few days of reopening to ensure that no significant quantities of residual oil are disturbed.

There have been no reports of any dead fish on that section of canal although the RSPCA were called out to deal with ducks and geese who had to have their feathers cleaned.

Navigation of the Cheshire Ring circular canal route is now once again possible.

See photographs of canal during closure.

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