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Friday 12 June 2009

Canal Street Fence: BW to improve safety at lock

Following a wave of protests that the safety fence planned for Canal Street in Manchester will block access to Lock 86, British Waterways has announced a package of safety measures.

Boaters were concerned that the new fence would make the use of Lock 86 on the Rochdale Canal more hazardous if foot access to the lock is stopped. Some had expressed concern that BW was not looking after the interests of boaters in this case.

BW has now responded to the criticisms by announcing a package of measures to improve safety at Lock 86 and "design out" the need for boaters to climb over the wall and use historic steps.

Details of the safety measures and photos of the locations, along with questions arising from the plans can be found on this page.

A new landing is to be added on the offside above Lock 86

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