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Sunday 7 June 2009

Fence will block access to lock

It was reported here in April that Manchester City Council is proposing to construct a safety fence along the side of Canal Street in Manchester. Aside from any adverse visual impact on the area, the fence would block access on foot for lock-wheelers to Lock 86 of the Rochdale Canal.

British Waterways has dismissed objections to this by saying that the steps are no longer safe and that the lock can be accessed by boat.

However, as the correct notices were not displayed, new notices have been issued and a new period for comments allowed. Comments will now be accepted up until 19th June 2009. The decision will now be taken by the planning committee at a meeting on 23rd July at 2.00 pm in the Town Hall Annexe.

Please follow this link to read more about Canal Street and the potential problems the fence could cause for boaters. There are links to the planning documents and the place where you can make comments on the application.

Lock 86, Rochdale Canal

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