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Tuesday 16 March 2010

No Boating in Waterless Wigan

Boaters in the Wigan area are currently finding that they are going no-where after vandals have drained sections of canal.

The mile-long pound between Bottom Lock (87) and Pagefield Lock (88), which is the level that passes through the famous Wigan Pier area, has been completely drained as a result of "anti-social behaviour".

BW says that its staff are working to restore water levels as soon as possible. It has been necessary to lock ground paddles to allow water levels to restore and prevent further incidents.

A section of the nearby Leigh Branch is also affected by a similar problem.

On top of these problems the Wigan lock flight, which should have re-opened this week following a stoppage to install lock ladders, will not now re-open until 26th March.

The Way It Was: Wigan Pier area with water.

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