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Monday 15 March 2010

Standedge Re-opening Delayed (and Rochdale Summit)

Standedge Tunnel was due to re-open to visitors this weekend, but the date has had to be delayed by a week.

The Visitor Centre and boat trips into the tunnel will now be available from Saturday 27th March.

The attraction was due to re-open for this weekend but the electric tugs and passenger boats went off to Liverpool for repairs and maintenance, as reported here last month, but will not be back in time. The boats should have returned this week but BW has been let down by the contractor.

Anyone visiting Tunnel End this weekend will find the café open and volunteers from Huddersfield Canal Society will be providing boat trips along the canal between Marsden Station and Tunnel End, but there will be no tunnel trips!

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Boaters wishing to take their own boats through Standedge Tunnel will have to wait a little longer as the eastern part of the canal is closed until 1st April to allow for completion of major repairs at Lock 14e.

Boaters hoping for an early trip over the Rochdale Canal summit will have a few days delay, as the section between Lock 17 and Lock 30, due to re-open on 26th March, will not now open until 29th March. The delays were due to additional piling work being needed at Stone House Bridge in order to stabilise the structure.

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