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Friday 7 May 2010

More problems at Salterhebble

Trouble-hit Salterhebble Guillotine Lock on the Calder and Hebble Navigation is again creating potential delays for boaters, with restricted operating hours introduced once again.

Due to a breakdown of the electrical mechanism, the guillotine gate will have to be operated manually by British Waterways staff until specialist repairs can be carried out. BW is hoping that the engineers will be on site with the necessary parts on Thursday 13th May.

Until repairs are complete, the Guillotine Lock will be operated by BW staff during the following periods only:
• 9.00 am - 10.00 am daily
• 12.00 noon - 2.00 pm daily
• 4.00 pm - 6.00 pm daily

Electrical problems occurred with Salterhebble Lock in May 2008 and had to be manually operated by BW staff at certain times each day for around a year.

Any enquiries regarding this stoppage should be made to BW on 01782 785703.

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Salterhebble Guillotine Lock


  1. Bill McGregor8 May 2010 at 11:02

    We just seem to be 'patching up' on a breakdown maintenance system on this gate (also on the Rochdale and Huddersfield in general). Do we need to reallocate resources to these canals to ensure real reliability and therefore attract more visitors to the northern reaches of the system as well as giving those of us who moor up here a better service for our fees - we pay the same as everybody else.

  2. i was there on 7 may on a canal holiday with a boat from shire cruisers. luckily there was a BW staff member, so we could pass the lock and return our boat the next day to shire cruisers.


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