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Sunday 16 May 2010

Residents oppose canalside development near Bingley Five Rise

A group of residents and supporters are battling to stop a large housing development taking place on land adjoining the Leeds and Liverpool Canal near Bingley.

There are plans to develop a 40 acre site off Micklethwaite Land and Sty Lane that borders 800 feet of canal bank where there are currently long term moorings. Although the land is zoned for housing on Bradford Council's UDP, residents are concerned over the proposals for 475 houses to be built, with serious issues for local infrastructure.

Area affected by proposals. (Google Maps / Greenhill Action Group)

One of these issues in Micklethwaite Swing Bridge, which would provide the principal access to the site. This could result in long traffic queues when boats pass through. Residents have also expressed concern for the future of indigenous white geese that occupy some of the site.

A public meeting last week attracted 400 people. A further meeting is expected to take place in a few weeks.

Greenhill Action Group has set up a website to make their case, which includes an online petition and suggestions for letters of objection.

The application and related documents can be viewed on Bradford Council's website.

Any objections need to be submitted immediately. The email address is The council website gives a date of 18th May for the end of the consultation period.

Update: Greenhill Action Group suggests that objections can be sent up until 24th May.

Micklethwaite Swing Bridge

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  1. turn it into a marina and that sort the problem.


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