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Saturday 26 November 2011

Closure of busy towpath on Peak Forest

A popular and busy section of towpath on the Lower Peak Forest Canal is to be closed for 18 weeks.

The blockage will be near railway bridge "A" which means the towpath will be closed between the junction with the Ashton Canal at Portland Basin and Stanley Lift Bridge in Dukinfield.

The closure will be from Monday 28th November 2011 to Friday 6th April 2012 to allow work to proceed on the United Utilities water quality improvement project.

An alternative pedestrian route from Portland Basin is to cross Dukinfield Aqueduct on the north (left) side, then cross the footbridge over the entrance to Portland Basin Marina. Turn right and walk to the top of Charles Street. Turn right along Astley Street then almost immediately sharp right down the lane to Stanley Lift Bridge (and the reverse).

Between Monday 28th November 2011 and Friday 25th May 2012 a temporary bridge will in place across the canal to provide access to these works. This bridge will have a restricted headroom of 6 ft 4 in for boats, which is lower than surrounding bridges.

Dukinfield Aqueduct, Peak Forest Canal


  1. Does anyone know if the towpath has now reopened on time (posting on 6th April)

    Richard Rutherford

  2. Hello Rick - the work is still going on by I noticed last week that they have eventually created a temporary path around the back of the site. I have no idea why they weren't required by BW to do that in the first place, as it is a busy towpath route. So, yes - you can now get past the works on foot.


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