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Tuesday 15 November 2011

Huddersfield Waterfront Progress

Former Sellers Engineering site looking east towards Chapel Hill

The photos in this article show the current situation at the former Sellers Engineering site where the tunnel beneath the site is being opened out and the Huddersfield Narrow Canal being brought back up to the surface as part of the Huddersfield Waterfront development.

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All the concrete tunnel roof sections have now been removed. The concrete struts will remain in place until the tunnel has been partly filled to bring the level up ten feet to the new canal bed level.

Wider section of canal under construction

The canal will run through most of the site using the tunnel's current profile, meaning the channel will only be around 3 metres wide. Towards the eastern part of the site a wider section is being constructed which will allow boats to moor and to pass. A new lock will be constructed just beyond this wider section to take the canal down to the level that ran through the tunnel.

Former Sellers Engineering site looking west towards Longroyd Bridge

Lock 3w - the gates and paddles have now been removed.

The lock shown in the photo will be partly filled to bring the bottom up to the level of the canal bed above the lock. Boats will pass straight through the lock to reach the new channel, with a new lock replacing this one to be built at the other end of the development.

When the development is complete, walkers will be able to follow a path alongside the canal right through to Chapel Hill. Please see the October report for more background information about this project.

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  1. Brilliant pictures and description Martin Thanks

  2. Amazing. Thanks Martin for the great pics and explanation. Glad we did it last year and look forward to the new experience!

  3. Thanks Martin.

    Do you know if there any dates yet for when the canal and buildings will be finished and the entire site open? Will we get public access to the towpath when the canal reopens?

  4. The canal is due to re-open on 31st March, Trisha, but I'm pretty sure the buildings will not be complete by that time.

    I suspect that the towpath will not re-open until the area is less of a building site, so walkers will have a detour for a little longer yet.

  5. Its a pity the old lock 3e couldn't be partly re-used.

  6. Yes, it is a pity, Adrian, but I don't think the old lock is complete. In any case, there will be need to be a landing below the lock for crews to get on and off, as the towpath beyond Chapel Hill will still be inaccessible.

    To me the pity is that they are not going to re-open the horse tunnel alongside the bridge under Chapel Hill. Apparently the western end of it is blocked with service pipes, cables, etc. and it would cost to much to divert them.


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