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Thursday 19 July 2012

Calder and Hebble Closed Again

The river sections of the Calder and Hebble Navigation are again closed to navigation.

The flood gates at Anchor Pitt, Cooper Bridge, Battyeford and Ledgard were closed this morning as water levels were rising. This afternoon the Canal and River Trust announced that all the flood locks on the Calder and Hebble are now closed.

The Canal and River Trust will review the water levels tomorrow morning.

Enquiries: 0303 0404040

Update, Friday 20th July, 9.00 am:
The following flood locks are still closed:
Anchor Pitt, Cooper Bridge, Battyeford and Ledgard.
Other flood locks have now re-opened.

Update, Friday 20th July, 5.00 pm:
Due to high water, all flood locks along the Calder and Hebble are closed and will remain inoperable until further notice. For up to date information over the weekend, please contact Freephone canals on 0800 47 999 47.

Thornes Flood Lock

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