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Friday 6 July 2012

Calder and Hebble Closed

The river sections of the Calder and Hebble Navigation are closed to navigation. The flood gates have been shut are are expected to remain so for several days.

With very heavy rain falling in the South Pennines, on top of saturated ground, the river levels have risen rapidly.

Update Monday 9th July:
The flood locks remain closed today. A further update will be issued tomorrow.

Update Wednesday 11th July:
The flood locks remain closed today. The river levels are being checked regularly and further updates will be issued.

Update Thursday 12th July:
The water levels have now receded sufficiently, so the flood locks along the Calder and Hebble will open shortly.

Update Thursday 19th July:
Due to high water levels the following flood locks are closed:
- Anchor Pitt
- Cooper Bridge
- Battyeford
- Ledgard
The other flood locks remain open, however water levels are fluctuating so we may have to close these later. An update will appear this afternoon.

Update Thursday 19th July, 3.00 pm:
All the flood locks on the Calder and Hebble are now closed. The Canal and River Trust will review the water levels tomorrow morning.

Enquiries: 0303 0404040

Please see later news item for further updates on the Calder and Hebble.

Thornes Flood Lock

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