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Saturday 4 May 2013

Shepley Bridge Lock update

Shepley Bridge Lock on the Calder and Hebble Navigation is currently closed for emergency repairs. The stoppage is as a result of the failure of the heel post of the top gate on the towpath side. Both gates are in poor condition and will be craned out and replaced.

The Canal and River Trust has announced that the gates will be craned out on 8th May and taken to Stanley Ferry workshop so that replicas can be made.

It is hoped that the new gates will be ready to be installed in the week beginning 20th May. The Canal and River Trust will issue a further update on 10th May.

Shepley Bridge Lock is on the Mirfield Cut between Cooper Bridge and Wakefield. For boaters held up by the stoppage, there are plenty of moorings along the Mirfield Cut above Shepley Bridge Lock, but a river section is below the lock. For boaters travelling westwards there are numerous mooring possibilities between Broad Cut and Thornhill Flood Lock.

Update Friday 10th May:
The lock gates have now been removed and taken to Stanley Ferry workshop so that new gates can be made.

Update Friday 17th May:
The new gates will be on site and ready to be craned in on Wednesday 22nd May.

Update Thursday 25th May:
The new gates have now been installed and the lock has re-opened to navigation.

Shepley Bridge Lock, Calder and Hebble Navigation

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