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Wednesday 15 May 2013

Yorkshire Flood Locks Closed

Boaters travelling in Yorkshire are warned that, following heavy rain overnight, the flood locks on the Calder and Hebble Navigation have been closed, along with some of those on the Aire and Calder Navigation.

All the flood locks on the Calder and Hebble are closed and the Canal and River Trust says that they are unlikely to re-open today in view of the amount of rain that fell. On the Aire and Calder the flood locks at Castleford, Ferrybridge and Broadreach are shut. If water levels continue to rise then those at Clarence Dock and Knostrop may also be shut.

In a separate stoppage, Woodnock Lock is shut on the Aire and Calder between Castleford and Stanley Ferry. This because of a mains power failure that has affected the lock. The power company visited site last night but could not trace the fault, so they have returned today to continue work. Passage will not be possible through the lock until the fault has been repaired.

The Calder and Hebble is also closed at Shepley Bridge Lock following a gate failure. See earlier report.

Update Wednesday 15th May:
The power company have told the Canal and River Trust the problem at Woodnock Lock is with a transformer and they are awaiting parts for a repair. Another update will be issued on the afternoon of Thursday 16th May.

Update Thursday 16th May:
The flood gates on the Calder and Hebble are being re-opened today but it may take up to 4 hours to get to all the gates. The flood gates on the Aire and Calder are now also open.

Update Thursday 16th May, 4.00 pm:
The power at Woodnock Lock has been restored and the lock is now working. There will be a slight delay in the lock filling and emptying as it is on a temporary timer, whilst further parts are awaited to complete the repair.

Thornes Flood Lock on the Calder and Hebble

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