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Friday 2 August 2013

Short stoppages on Huddersfield Narrow

There are a series of short stoppages taking place on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal as the Canal and River Trust deal with a number of issues where repairs are required.

On Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd August the canal will be closed between Locks 5e at Paddock Foot and Lock 6e at Mark Bottoms. The pound will be lowered to enable pointing work to take place to help stop leaks from the pound. Boaters waiting for the work to be completed can moor below Lock 4e or above Lock 8e. It is hoped the pound will be re-opened around 10.00 am on Friday.

Also on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd August work will be taking place to repair a ground paddle at Lock 28w on the Diggle flight. A new paddle is being made and will be installed on Friday morning. The Canal and River Trust hope the lock will reopen at lunchtime on Friday.

On Friday 2nd August work will take place to repair a damaged head gate cill at Lock 13w. Due to difficulties accessing the cill, the CRT team will need to put a stoppage on at this pound between Lock 13w and 14w in order to undertake a full inspection and repair of the damage. Mooring is possible below Lock 13w and below Lock 15w.

Lock 28w at Diggle

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